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Sasha Banks Legit Boss Rings and Red Shades


Photos and GIFs of official Sasha Banks merchandise from the WWE Shop: Legit Boss Ring Set and Red Shutter Shades.

Custom-made Banks Club shirt (Sasha Banks x Bullet Club mashup) in the background.

Prints available on Sasha Banks: Legit Boss posters, cards, phone cases, towels, shirts, pillows and more!

Date: October 14, 2015
Camera: Sony a6000

Note: A few months after posting these photos online, the WWE changed Sasha Banks’ TitanTron to the following image:
Sasha Banks WWE Titantron
Is it just me, or does that look kind of similar to my photos?
Sasha Banks Legit Boss Rings and Red Shutter Shades GIF

It could very well be a coincidence, but the resemblance is still pretty interesting. I do know for a fact that Sasha Banks herself reposted my GIFs on her Tumblr back on November 3, 2015, which was prior to her TitanTron change.

Anyway, it’s either an interesting coincidence, or I helped inspire my favorite wrestler’s entrance video. If by chance it’s the latter, I’m honored 🙂

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